TASTING CULTURE - Alpine wines - Acid & Minerals 

Wines from a deep rooted place, real wines from passionate winemakers focused on century old wine making styles without using any herbicides. 

The Romans, while conquering Europe also planted vines in most all European Capitals. Madrid, Paris,...& Vienna. The Appellation of Vienna dates back to pre-roman times and has 1,650 acres under vine, all within the current city limits. These vineyards are home to the now famous Viennese Gemischter Satz (Viennese Field Blends) which, in an effort to preserve the city's cultural heritage, have therefore been recognized by Slow Food as an Ark of Taste and a Presidia Project!

It is all about Terroir!

My passion about fermented grape juice

Artisanal Production! Let the soil, the earth, the sun, the wind…basically nature drive the core essence of the wine.

Authentic wines: balance, harmony, silkiness, acidic structure, aromatic finesse. Cold climate wines with longer ripening seasons, wines that tell a story, wines that are a story and represent cultural aspects of a region, that's what makes me tick!

I really like high levels of acidity in my wine, for me it is a key element that brings elegance to a wine and makes drinking and enjoying wine pleasurable.

Working with winemakers that I trust, respect and who adhere to letting wine as much as possible being made by nature with less & less influence by modern winemaking techniques is essential to me. Lower sulfites, less chemicals and working with nature, clear, crisp and consistent production makes me tick.

The winemakers in this portfolio demonstrate a tremendous care about what they produce and after some time working and enjoying wines like these, one notices that these wines are imbued not just with traces of its region, but also with the energy of care and respect that was dedicated to it in the vineyard and in the cellar.

I grew up within a 2-kilometer radius from most of these winemakers in Vienna. I have traveled in the 70‘s on the back of my fathers motorcycle nearly every nice weekend to the late Josef Jamek in the Wachau, whose wines are iconic for Austria & abroad and certainly a personal highlight in this selection. 

My goal is to bring the essence of Austrian winemaking to North America -

“Quality & Culture in Terroir driven wines”.

Enjoy them with me and others!

Carlo Huber

Burgenland -  Kremstal - Weinviertel - Wien -  Steiermark - Thermenregion - Wachau

"THE WINE WAS INTENSE, COMPLEX, bounced from this edge of mineral to honeysuckle with a touch of skunk. and that finish didn't let go!"

                                             -- Alice Feiring